Bite2go feeds over 3,300 children


Second Harvest partners with Bite2Go to feed children

What an honor it has been to get to know Chris & Brenna Sloan, the directors of Bite2Go in Spokane, WA and the founders.

They have helped communities around Washington State for 11 years feeding children who go hungry on the weekends. Second Harvest partners with schools and community partners for Bite2Go to get weekend food supplies to children in need during the school year. The Bite2Go kits include a good mix of healthy, kid-friendly, easy-to-open, single serving, nonperishable food items to cover meals and three snacks over the weekend. The shelf-stable milk, juice, cereal, entrees and snacks are safe for children to handle on their own because they don’t require any cooking or other preparation. Each week, staff members at participating schools put the packages of food discreetly in the backpacks of students in need.

Chris & Brenna were invited to a function at Meadowridge elementary 11 years ago where their children attended school. Their church invited them to go and they quickly learned about the need children have for food on the weekends. They started buying food from Second Harvest and delivering it on Friday’s to children at schools who needed assistance. Bite2Go quickly became noticed and is currently feeding over 3,300 kids on Friday’s.


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Bite2Go’s Mission

To inspire, equip, and empower local churches, businesses, and organizations to successfully adopt schools in their community for the purpose of fighting childhood hunger and helping meet other needs of children. Bite2Go no partners with over 100 organizations & businesses to help feed children and stop child hunger.

Today, one out of every four kids in our community is unsure of where their next meal might come from. Check out this link on how many children were fed in the 2018-2019 school year:

2018-2019 School Year Report Card

Last year, Bite2Go had the incredible opportunity to buy the old Stoneway Electric building located across Second Harvest. With the growth and support from organizations and business’s, Bite2Go purchased this building so they can now bring in food by the semi truck loads to help feed even more children and eventually expand to other cities and communities across Washington State. The Wolff family and Fred Meyer each donated $500,000 to make this purchase happen and the building will now be called The Wolff Family Child Hunger Solution Center.

For more information, contact Chris Sloan at 252-6283 or

In Tri-Cities and Yakima Valley, contact our hunger solution center in Pasco at 545-0787 or

To learn more about getting food to children in need in your area, click here.

If you would like donate, click the donation link below to help children who go hungry on the weekends.

Bite2Go donate link:

Thank you for your support and interest. If you have any questions please let us know.

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