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KBG Insurance & Financial is your local Contractors Insurance expert! We insure many different types of contractors from Landscapers, Electricians, Carpenters, and many more!

Do you know if contractor’s insurance is relevant to your Spokane business and how to go about purchasing it? Either you do or don’t, KBG Insurance & Financial has come up with four of the contractor’s insurance policies that you may need and what they entail.

Here Are Four Contractor’s Insurance Policies We Think You May Need:

General Liability Insurance: This is an insurance policy that enables you pay for any litigation that arises due to any damage that occurs to the property of a third-party during contract execution. Causing damage is not something you would want to happen, but it sometimes happens, general liability insurance will give you the financial strength you need to resolve the issue. At KBG Insurance & Financial, we have provided many businesses in Spokane with this insurance, and you can join the list in making sure your business is protected also.

Builders Risk Insurance: Generally prepared with general liability insurance, builders risk insurance is the protection you need if you do jobs involving construction materials. Are you a builder or a subcontractor? This is the insurance policy for you. Many builders in Spokane are protected by this insurance policy.  In case of any missing material or equipment, this insurance policy is the protection KBG Insurance & Financial provides so you may recover from your loss promptly.

Workers Compensation: While on the job, employees can get badly injured. In some cases, some of them even lose parts of their body. While empathy is good, it is best expressed with a good welfare package. In every thriving business in Spokane, there is a workforce that is working round the clock. KBG Insurance & Financial can help you too keep your employees motivated with a good workers compensation insurance policy. Call us today for more information.

Automobile Liability Insurance: This insurance policy is meant to be used to help with repairs and replacements of materials damaged by the vehicle conveying them. When this happens, the owner of the vehicle must provide the money for the repair or replacement. If you own a vehicle that you use to convey materials to places where you work in Spokane, you need this insurance policy. It is a beneficial and affordable policy and so many businesspersons have received this insurance from us at KBG Insurance & Financial.

KBG Insurance & Financial offers many other insurance policies that you could benefit from also. The four contractor’s insurance policies listed above are some of the general ones available. Visit or call us at our Spokane office to learn more about more contractors’ insurance policies you may need.

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