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Protecting your Hayden business with commercial insurance is important. More importantly, however, you should know what types of commercial insurance are available. At KBG Insurance & Financial, we believe that it is important that you know about the available insurance policies that we have so that you can make informed decisions about buying insurance for your business. Some of the types of commercial insurance are:

  • Liability Insurance: This is a commercial insurance policy designed to help keep you and your workers protected. It is a great way of keeping you and everyone who works for your company safe. KBG Insurance & Financial can help you do this. Many businesses in Hayden are covered with this insurance policy.
  • Business Owners Policy: This policy is a combination of many policies which you can tailor towards your needs. Policies that are often included are not only property insurance and liability insurance. Thinking of getting this insurance policy? KBG Insurance & Financial is the place to come. Our insurance policies can be customized for you to make a business policy that works for you. So many businesses in Hayden have resorted to using this policy for their business coverage.
  • Property Insurance: Property insurance is another type of insurance policy that business owners buy for their business. It is designed to protect your business equipment. It is to cater for repairs or loss of your equipment. By buying property insurance, you save yourself from going bankrupt in the event of the loss of damage of your equipment.
  • Crime Insurance: Crime insurance is a commercial insurance that ensures that your business is protected in case any crime is committed. These crimes include but not limited to theft and forgery. You do not have to lose it all to crimes; crime insurance is the safety net you may need. Our crime insurance at KBG Insurance & Financial is the best in Hayden. With it, we have ensured the continued operation of many businesses in Hayden.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: In case any of your workers having an accident while working, with workers’ compensation insurance, you can compensate and take care of them. Maintenance of a good welfare package is one of the features of any good company. This will keep your workers focused and dedicated to their duties.

Protecting your business is not optional if you want to keep it running. With a commercial insurance tailored for your needs, you can rest assured that your business is actively protected. See us KBG Insurance & Financial and let us keep your business protected together. The most successful businesses in Hayden are protected by our insurance policies. We can help keep your business protected also.


Basically, commercial umbrella insurance helps extend the limits of three other insurance policies. Those are employer’s liability insurance, general liability insurance, and commercial auto liability insurance. Any cost of lawsuit which any of the insurance policies cannot fully cover, commercial umbrella insurance will help cover it, so far it is within the limits of the policy itself. However, if you want to add this type of insurance to your existing insurance policy, contact KBG Insurance & Financial if you are in Hayden or live near Hayden.

Beyond the general overview, the following are the types of risks this insurance covers:

  • Injury to the Third Party: If a client or a visitor comes to your business and gets themselves injured, commercial umbrella insurance together with general liability insurance will help cover the legal and the medical expenses. This is how it works. When the limits of your general liability insurance have been reached, commercial umbrella insurance will lift the remaining burden of expenses. KBG Insurance & Financial is still the best insurance company you can rely on. KBG Insurance & Financial will help with this type of insurance if you live in Hayden or around Hayden.
  • Damage to Third Party’s Property: If you are under this type of insurance coverage, and your business is involved in the damage of other people’s property, commercial umbrella insurance will also help cover some costs if the owners of the property sue you for damages. You will not have to bear the burden alone. An insurance company like KBG Insurance & Financial, will take the necessary steps to ensure your business is covered.
  • Injury to Any of Your Employees: One of your employees may get injured at your business while on the company’s assignment. If they sue you and win the court case, commercial umbrella insurance will take care of the settlement where employer’s liability insurance stops.
  • Vehicular Accidents: If your business vehicles cause damage to another person’s property, commercial umbrella insurance together with commercial auto insurance will help cover the costs and other costs that comes after it. Because KBG Insurance & Financial, is based in Hayden, that makes us the closest and the safest insurance company you can contact. Our insurance policies will fully get you covered while protecting your business.

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