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Top Garage Keepers Insurance Coverage Options in Hayden

Standard liability coverage does not extend to the vehicles you store, repair, service, or test-drive while in your garage’s custody. Garage keeper’s insurance capably makes good on any damage to a third-party automobile in your care. A detailed and time-consuming auto job compels you as the owner to park their vehicles on your premises.

Any loss to a mode of transportation you do not own when you should be safeguarding it increases your liability. The owner may file a lawsuit whether the damage occurred due to negligence or an unforeseen eventuality. Hayden insurance experts from KBG Insurance & Financial strongly recommend garage keeper’s insurance to offset your losses.

Address the Risk Exposure

As an auto business owner, purchasing garage keeper’s insurance coverage to safeguard the clients’ assets on wheels is essential. Making an informed decision in this regard gives your customers confidence in the services you offer.

Purchase a garage keepers insurance policy from KBG Insurance & Financial as your peace of mind is essential and our Hayden insurance agents can help preserve your reputation of being the most trustworthy service provider here in Hayden. As a responsible service provider, you want what’s best for your clientele. KBG Insurance & Financial can assist your garage business to achieve success without exposing you to any financial losses with our garage keeper’s insurance coverage.

Whether you own an auto repair shop, service station, car dealership, accessorise vehicle interiors, operate tow trucks, or provide valet services, you need garage keeper’s insurance. KBG Insurance & Financial is at your service, and we thoughtfully help direct you to suitable garage keeper’s insurance coverage valid within Hayden limits.

Top Coverage Options

Allow KBG Insurance & Financial to enlighten you on the top coverage options that garage keeper’s insurance extends your way:

  • Legal Liability

When your team’s negligence causes damage to a customer’s automobile, this protection comes into play. For instance, one of your mechanics crashes the client’s car while on a test drive.

Before your business day ends, slipping up on locking the vehicles parked on your premises is also a recipe for disaster. It is like extending an open invitation to miscreants. Such losses arising from an employee’s mistake or negligence are what legal liability coverage addresses.

  • Direct Primary

This type of insurance coverage is more comprehensive, as KBG Insurance & Financial agents bring to your attention. It reimburses for damages that arise irrespective of who or what is to blame.

Sometimes despite locking a vehicle, thieves find a way of breaking in, or unfavorable Hayden weather causes extensive damage. Direct primary garage keeper’s insurance coverage gives your clientele the assurance that should something untoward happen to their automobile, resorting to their personal auto policy is not warranted.

  • Direct Excess

Under this garage keeper’s insurance coverage too, irrespective of liability, financial protection is also offered. When it is clear that you, the insured are not at fault, this coverage caters to the excess amount. The latter is the sum that goes beyond what the vehicle owner’s auto policy covers.

As an example, should a fire engulf your commercial premises and destroy a customer’s truck in the process, the client’s comprehensive auto policy is first tapped. The amount over and above that coverage limit is what direct excess pays for.

KBG Insurance & Financial located right here in Hayden has very knowledgeable insurance agents will be your supportive partners when you are ready to start investing in garage keeper’s insurance. This can be one of the smartest things you can do as a auto business service provider.

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