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As an entrepreneur in Spokane, you need to know how to keep your Spokane business protected. Your small business needs protection, just as the big businesses do. There are commercial insurance policies that can help you protect your business. At KBG Insurance & Financial, these insurance policies have been sold to many MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) in Spokane. Still wondering what these insurance policies are?

Check Them Out Below:

  • Fire and Burglary Policy: One of the policies that are essential for MSMEs is a fire and burglary insurance policy. With this policy, your business is protected against any damage or loss caused by fire and burglars. The policy is especially important if you have a factory. Many MSMEs in Spokane with similar operations is protected by this policy. With this policy, in case you suffer any loss due to fire or burglary, you still get to keep your business and can easily make up for your losses.
  • Group Health Insurance: Although your business is small and probably does not have as many employees as the big businesses do, there is nothing more rewarding than to give yourself and your hard-working employees a health insurance policy. The provision of this insurance as part of employer-employee agreement is one of the reasons why some MSMEs in Spokane are doing much better than others.
  • Workmen Compensation Insurance Policy: Another commercial insurance to consider buying is workmen compensation policy. This is another policy that emphasizes the welfare of your employees. In some cases employees can get badly injured so that they cannot completely preform their job at full capacity. There is nothing better than compensating such a worker. Workmen compensation insurance policy ensures that you can do this. KBG Insurance & Financial is always ready to help you give your hard-working employees the compensation they need when injured on the job.
  • D and O Insurance Policy: Directors and officers (D & O) liability insurance is meant to prevent personal losses. In case you or someone who works as a director or an officer in your firm is sued for something done in that capacity, this insurance policy will serve as protection. Many employees and employers in Spokane have been given protection with this policy. KBG Insurance & Financial can help you get this important protection.

MSMEs deserve protection just as big businesses do. As an owner of a Spokane small business, you want to keep your business protected. Buying commercial insurance like what is listed above and others like them at KBG Insurance & Financial is a sure way to do this. At KBG Insurance & Financial, the protection of your business is our priority.


Commercial umbrella insurance is the type of insurance which picks you up where other liability coverages drop you. Put differently, commercial umbrella insurance is an additional liability protection which helps you cover the limit spaces that other insurance coverages leave behind. For instance, if the cost of a lawsuit is not fully covered by your existing insurance coverage, commercial umbrella insurance will provide for the remaining cost but also up to the policy’s limits. If you are in Spokane or near Spokane, KBG Insurance & Financial is the best example of a reliable commercial umbrella insurance company. KBG Insurance & Financial will give you the required coverage at the best premium rate.

Who Exactly is This Type of Insurance For?

  • Any Business at Risk: Commercial umbrella insurance is ideal for all business owners who are either at risk of facing client lawsuits or at risk that their existing insurance policy’s limits will be reached. Consider going all out for this type of commercial umbrella insurance if you belong to this group of people. Doing this will place you and your business in a very strong position should any unforeseen circumstances present itself. Do not worry if you live in Spokane, KBG Insurance & Financial is here to get you covered with this type of insurance policy.
  • Business with Commercial Property: Commercial umbrella insurance is also for people who work with commercial property and often work directly with people. If your business involves taking orders and offering delivery services, it is advisable you add this insurance plan to your existing insurance coverage. KBG Insurance & Financial in Spokane will offer you this kind of protection at an affordable premium.
  • Businesses that Work on Other People’s Property: If your business involves working on other people’s property, commercial umbrella insurance is necessary. This is because any damage to your client’s property could end up in a court case. If you have this type of commercial umbrella insurance coverage along your general liability coverage, your business will not bear the cost alone.
  • Any Business that Wants an Additional Coverage: Also, if your business wants to extend its liability coverage, we usually advise our customers to get commercial umbrella insurance. For more information about commercial umbrella insurance, KBG Insurance & Financial in Spokane, is the ideal insurance company to contact. 

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