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Looking for the Best Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Ever wondered if the cost of a E&O insurance is the same for everyone regardless of their financial strength and professional capacity? Well, it varies from business to business. An E&O insurance quote does not only vary from business to business, but its cost also varies from one individual to another. That is because the cost of your E&O insurance policies will be determined by a number of factors. However, in this article, Spokane’s KBG Insurance & Financial will take you through some of the factors which can affect the cost of your E&O insurance policy.

The Following Are Some of These Factors:

  • The Amount of Coverage: The size and the quantity of the coverage you get most times determine the cost of this type of insurance policy. The cost of E&O insurance policies of an individual with a limited number of coverages will be cheaper compared to the one with a larger amount of coverage. This is in a quote to be worked out for a specific individuals depending on their plan and needs. At KBG Insurance & Financial in Spokane, we make sure we adjust our quote to our clients coverage demand. 
  • Your Deductible: The amount you offer to pay from your own pocket before an insurance company intervenes may determine the cost of your policy. If your deductible is high, it is possible that your policy costs less and vice versa. At KBG Insurance & Financial located in Spokane, we make sure that we help our clients understand some of these things during the process of getting them insured. 
  • Claims History: This also plays a great part in determining the cost of your policy. For instance, some Spokane business owners might have been sued in the past. However, for these types of people, it is possible that they will pay more because of the high possibility of being sued again. Contact KBG Insurance & Financial, for more information if you are located in Spokane or you live in the surrounding areas. 
  • The Nature of the Services You Render: Some service providers such as electricians, copywriters, and doctors are more vulnerable than other service providers. As such, the cost of the insurance policy of these professionals are expected to be a bit higher.

Contact us at KBG Insurance & Financial for your E&O Insurance policy quote today, we are the best insurance company you will find in Spokane.

Looking for the Best Directors and Officers Insurance?

Directors and officers (D&O) insurance policies are designed to cover for damages attributed to the managers and officers of a business while they are preforming their duties. With D&O insurance, many managers, and other officers of many businesses in Spokane have been protected. KBG Insurance & Financials’ D&O insurance policies have proven highly instrumental in protecting many businesses and managers. Our policies have saved them from financial difficulty they may face due to an actual or alleged tragic decision made while working.

D&O Insurance Policies Cover a Variety of Things:

  • Financial Protection for Managers: Director and officers insurance policies offer business directors or managers financial protection against any form of financial issue arising from decisions taken while they hold the positions. These could be from recent and old transactions and contracts. Business directors or managers in Spokane protected with D&O insurance can testify to the great benefits the policies have provided for them. The majority of businesses use D&O insurance policies from KBG Insurance & Financial. You could provide your directors or managers the same protection by calling us today.
  • Financial Protection for Other Officers: D&O Insurance is not only for directors or managers; other workers or officers are also covered by this insurance. Aside from directors or managers’ decisions which may cause financial issues, decisions by other workers or officers of the business are also covered. If such decisions lead to any claim by third party involving damage done and the need for taking financial responsibility. D&O insurance purchased through KBG Insurance & Financial can protect your workers or officers like it is protecting many directors or managers in Spokane.
  • Meanwhile: D&O insurance policies do not cover everything, if it is discovered that the director or manager is found guilty then the financial demands are to be taken care of by the director or manager in question. In many cases it has been discovered that the directors or managers engaged in fraud. No successful business in Spokane succeeds with fraudsters. At KBG Insurance & Financial we are concerned with what happens to your business and you as the director or manager of the business.

What To Do Next?

To get the D&O insurance process started, head over to our quotes page where you can give us some information on your business and we will start the process from there.

Without D&O insurance policies, not only would the directors or managers and officers or workers of many businesses end up having financial and ethical issues, but their businesses would also be gravely affected. The workforce of any business is the power, and the directors or managers are the apex. For your Spokane business to attain its full potential of protecting directors or managers and officers or workers you will find D&O insurance policies of KBG Insurance & Financial are very important to any company.

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