Spokane Garage Keeper Insurance

What Does Spokane Garage Keepers Insurance Cover?

Auto repair shops, service stations, and towing companies depend on a liability cover to safeguard them against unforeseen eventualities. If a client’s vehicle suffers damages while in your possession, garage keepers insurance monetarily compensates your auto business.

Fire, theft, collision, vandalism, or routine garage operations could result in financial losses for your entity dealing with customer automobiles. Our Spokane agents representing KBG Insurance & Financial suggest a garage keepers policy coverage suitable for the volume of your operation.

Types of Garage Keepers Insurance Coverage

Garage keepers liability insurance has three basic coverage options, namely:

  • Legal Liability makes good the damages to a client’s vehicle because of your employee’s negligence.
  • Direct Excess pays for that amount which the customer’s primary insurance policy does not cover, regardless of the party at fault.
  • Direct Primary is a broader coverage and typically more expensive than the above two. Irrespective of Liability and provided efforts were made to protect the vehicle. This coverage applies to damages arising from extreme weather, fire, vandalism, or theft.

Protect Your Garage

At KBG Insurance & Financial, we advocate garage keepers insurance to businesses that take on custody of a client’s vehicle. The automobile is in your care while your Spokane team installs a part, repairs, services, washes, or merely stores a vehicle you do not own.

As the owner of such a business, you need to minimize your risks. Your clientele will also have peace of mind knowing your garage has third-party coverage protection. We ensure you attend to your venture’s operations stress-free while our Spokane associates from KBG Insurance & Financial have you covered.

To arrive at a comprehensive quote for your garage keepers insurance policy, we consider the important factors. Your business location, coverage limit you opt for, make, and volume of vehicles your entity handles per day all determine your total insurance costs.

Garage Keepers Coverage Exclusions

This insurance plan aims to protect you from damages that occur to client vehicles in your care while you fix, store, or operate on them. However, garage keepers insurance does not extend to the following:

  • Damage owing to the manufacturer’s faulty work
  • Lack of warranty
  • Temporary personal items contained in the vehicle like those stored in the glove or trunk compartment, stereo system, etc

Garage Keepers and Garage Liability Insurance Differ

These two policies cover different sets of liabilities and should not be confused with one another. KBG Insurance & Financial officials clear all related doubts for Spokane auto business owners. Garage keepers insurance covers damage to the customer vehicles in your custody.

To make good the damage caused to your business property due to an equipment malfunction or mishandling, you need garage liability coverage. It even covers bodily injuries to third parties arising in the course of routine business operations. Suffice to say, this coverage is a sum of business auto insurance and general liability.

Connect with knowledgeable Spokane representatives at KBG Insurance & Financial who focus on lowering your financial risks. We will guide you towards an insurance plan that best covers your auto concern’s major liabilities.

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