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Some landlords in Hayden tell their tenants to go for renter’s insurance. Some do not care because they already have their own property insured. In such a situation, it is down to the tenants to look for how to protect their own personal property. However, while some tenants do not see that as something urgent, some are already taking the bold step but want a company that will help answer some questions to guide them through the process of what renter’s insurance will cover and protect for them as the renters. Interestingly, most of those questions are the frequently asked ones.

Nonetheless, KBG Insurance & Financial will share some of those questions and then provide respective answers to them to try to make this process a simple one:  

Q: What Are the Things That Renter’s Insurance Cover?

A:  Renters insurance does not only reimburse you when you lose your personal property due to fire or theft. It will also cover if someone visits you and gets injured, it is the liability that renters will have to cover them as well. Also, this type of policy will cover your accommodations if you have to secure a temporary apartment at the time of repairs. At KBG Insurance & Financial located in Hayden, we provide our clients with necessary information needed on the renter’s insurance coverage that will protect them.

Q: What Risks Does Renters Insurance Cover?

A: Renters insurance covers events like theft, vandalism, fire, lightening, explosion, etc. To know more about other events not listed here, contact us at KBG Insurance & Financial. We are conventionally located right here in Hayden.

Q: What is Pre-determined Deductible?

A: This is the money you take from your own wallet to repair your damaged property before the insurance coverage takes effect. Your premium determines your deductible. You can always contact KBG Insurance & Financial to find out more about this if you are in Hayden or its surrounding areas.

Q: What is Peril?

A: By peril, we mean a cause of loss or a type of risk. Perils are covered differently under different policies. There are named peril policies and there are open peril policies. You will get to know more about these if you contact us at KBG Insurance & Financial located in Hayden.

Q: Does Renters Insurance Cover My Pets?

A: The answer is yes. In case your pet bites your neighbors or your visitors, renter’s insurance will cover them but only to the point where your coverage permits.

For other questions not listed above, contact us at KBG Insurance & Financial, as we will always be ready to listen to your questions, 24/7.


If you live in a condo complex but want to make sure you have full protection of your own belongings, then it is important you inquire about condo insurance. In fact, if you are an individual who secures their condo unit with a mortgage, the lender is likely going to make this type of insurance policy a requirement for you. That is because they will want to make sure you have a fallback option in case you suffer a loss. Your condo unit is one of your most important assets. So, how does condo insurance help you?

  • Condo Insurance Can Help You Recover Quickly: In case there is a theft in the whole condo complex, this condo insurance will make your recovery process very fast because you are going to have a strong financial backing. For instance, a company like KBG Insurance & Financial in Hayden makes sure we offer a strong financial support to our clients if any of their insured property get looted or damaged.
  • Condo Insurance Can Help Protect with Upgrades & Improvements: Another area where this condo insurance helps is in the protection of the personal designs to improve your unit. If any event that is covered under condo insurance policy leads to the damage of any of the personal upgrades you made prior to any occurrence under the condo insurance policy, a company like ours, KBG Insurance & Financial located in Hayden, will help in the reimbursement for such improvement.
  • This Type of Insurance Helps in Taking Care of Your Shortfalls: If there is an aspect that joint coverage does not cover, condo insurance helps take care of the shortfalls, giving you a maximum protection even more than your condo owning neighbors. If you are in Hayden or near Hayden, you should contact KBG Insurance & Financial for more information on our condo insurance policies. At KBG Insurance & Financial, we educate condo owners on this condo insurance so as to make sure they do not make any wrong decisions.
  • Condo Insurance Can Help to Cover Your Storage Cost: KBG Insurance & Financial located in Hayden go as far as covering the cost of storage of our clients in case there is an event that prevents them from using their condo. For more enquires about our condo insurance policies, KBG Insurance & Financial is right within your reach. We are just a call away.

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