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Your landlord’s property insurance does not cover your personal property if there is ever a fire outbreak or any other natural disaster. While your landlord starts recovering from their own recent loss, you may still be wallowing in your loss because you may not know how to take the right steps in recovering, that is why we are here to lend you a helping hand. Do you know there is a renter’s insurance policy that can help protect your personal assets while renting? Well guess what, there is. Contact KBG Insurance & Financials’ today, we offer the best renter’s insurance policies in Spokane.

The Following is a Guide to KBG Insurance & Financial Renters’ Insurance Policies:

  • What is Renters Insurance? Renters insurance is the type of insurance policy that is specifically designed for renters. And by renters, we mean those who live in rented apartments, houses, condos, etc. A renters insurance policy allows tenants to have security for their own personal property by paying an insurance company like KBG Insurance & Financial certain amounts of money as a premium. For instance, KBG Insurance & Financial located in Spokane offers renters the chance to protect their property against loss or damage. Renters insurance puts renters in a very strong financial position should there ever be a need to recover their lost assets.  
  • The Need for Renters Insurance? Renters insurance becomes necessary when your landlords do not include your personal property in the list of their insured assets. The fact is there is no landlord in Spokane that will insure their tenants’ personal property. It is not part of their responsibility as a landlord. That is why you need to look for a company like KBG Insurance & Financial which can offer your property the much needed protection with a renters insurance policy. KBG Insurance & Financial is located in the Spokane area for any renters insurance questions you may have. With our company, you do not need to worry about how to find the right coverage, we will help you find the right renters insurance policy to fit your needs & budget.
  • Renters Insurance Process? Against what you might have thought, renter’s insurance is not a long process. In fact, KBG Insurance & Financial located here in Spokane, helps make the whole process simple for our clients. Not only that, but we also educate our clients on how to go fulfill some of the requirements of a renter’s insurance policy. And this is why KBG Insurance & Financial, is the #1 choice of most tenants in Spokane. Do not take any risk and start preparing to purchase your own renters’ insurance today.


Because you live in a condo (a house with complex units), as one of the owners of the complex units, you are not expected to pay for the insurance of the whole complex. However, you may need to pay for the general insurance plan for the commonly used areas. And more often than not, the owner of a condo unit is made to pay condominium association fees which will be used to protect some common areas like pools and parking lots. This kind of policy is called a condo master policy and it has three major types. The following are the three types of condo master insurance.

  • The Policy That Protects Your Bare Walls: Just like the name implies, this type of condo master policy only covers the outside walls of your unit. Not only that, but it also covers all the items collectively owned by the complex inhabitants. It also includes all the structures of the complex. KBG Insurance & Financial provides condo owners in Spokane with this option. If you are in Spokane or near Spokane, KBG Insurance & Financial will ensure you enjoy the benefits of this policy to the fullest. We need to tell you that this policy does not protect the items inside your condo units. After all, it is a bare walls insurance policy. 
  • The Policy That is All Inclusive: This type of policy is more inclusive as it protects all the fixtures and appliances including the upgrades that the condo owners might have done to the structure. Condo all exclusive insurance policy takes care of any kind of repair as to help return your unit to its previous state before the damage was caused. At KBG Insurance & Financial located in Spokane, we give the needed pieces of advice to our clients who want to go for the master policy. You can as well visit us at KBG Insurance & Financial if you are in Spokane to learn more about this policy. 
  • The Single Entity Policy: Unlike condo all inclusive, this policy does not cover the renovations the owner has carried out on the unit. However, it will cover fixtures and appliances in the complex. Single entity coverage policy does not cover your personal property either. Please contact us at KBG Insurance & Financial to learn more about this policy.

KBG Insurance & Financial is very reliable and can give your condo complex the protection it deserves. We are available, 24/7. Call us today for more information or to purchase your condo insurance policy today.

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