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YoungLife is Showing Kids That Life is Better with Jesus by Their Sides

It’s no secret that growing up today as a kid, teenager, or young adult is hard, with statistics demonstrating that more kids are anxious, depressed, and suicidal than ever before. There is a lack of meaning in kids’ lives, a lack of something that provides a “purpose” to keep them on the right path. This is where younglife has really mentored kids in bringing them to Jesus and showing them how to have a relationship with him. YoungLife in the Inland Northwest has helped thousands of kids come to Jesus and have changed their lives for the better.

In order to provide a compass for kids during what can be some of their most trying times, there’s one nonprofit, Young Life, that is bringing Jesus directly to their partnered teens and young adults, wherever they are. Inserting supportive adults that work-with and chat-with the adolescents, YoungLife is bringing the solution to kids – not waiting for them to want it.

Christ is Not Boring

Skeptics, parents, the media, and teachers are all in on a narrative today designed to shut down Jesus Christ. Based on whatever has happened to them in their own lives, they aren’t receptive to the warmth and light that can come from deferring to Jesus in every single decision in one’s life. Therefore, kids are being raised in an environment that can feel like there is no room for spiritual growth and discussion.

Kids will come to think that “Christ is boring.” They’ll think it’s weird or dorky to believe in something they can’t see. YoungLife’s partners are here to show kids that that’s anything but true. In fact, they’re here to show kids that Jesus should be the first entity considered when any big decisions or changes are made in one’s life.

Young Life also hosts “Young Club,” which is a once per month meeting or gathering in which all Young Life members come together, hear compelling stories, have fun, and bond with other kids looking to put God first.

YoungLife Camp

Every summer, Young Life also hosts a one-week interactive camping experience, known as Young Life Camp. All YoungLife Leaders working with kids and teens will be there, and will be present, as the immersive, fun, and life-changing week shows kids how they can go into a future with Jesus right by their sides.

Parents, educators, and guardians have all stated that they’ve noticed changes in their children after they come back from this experience.

At camp, kids learn how to pray, how to read the Bible, and how to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

“You Are Loved”

As Young Life states, every kid deserves to feel loved and unconditionally supported, no matter what their home life might look like. The central mission of their nonprofit is to communicate this to the kids working with their programs, highlighting that Jesus represents, if nothing, but pure love, no matter what. You can “come as you are,” leave your past in the past, and lift up your hands, accepting the love and light you have always deserved.

Age-Wide Commitment

What makes YoungLife unique is that the platform works with kids and young adults of all ages. That means whether the child is 13 or entering into their last year of college at 22, Young Life is an appropriate and available resource to them. They will work with regular kids, teens from military families, teen moms, teens in remission or rehabilitation, and teens who have just relocated to new schools or locations. No one is left to the wayside.

KBG Insurance & Financial

We are very fortunate to have met leaders involved with YoungLife and are excited to be a part of their journey. This is why we have incorporated YoungLife into our mission 1 Policy = 1 Child. Learn more by watching our video below:

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Founded in 1941, YoungLife has a presence in over 50 states and 95 countries today. The organization is always looking for more partners and volunteers so they can help as many teens and young adults as possible.

The Young Life mission is based on the following commitments: praying for young people, going where kids are and building personal relationships with them, earning the right to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, providing fun and life-changing experiences, preparing kids for life-long relationships with Christ, and working in communities with other adults in the children’s lives.

YoungLife wants to show kids that life is easier with Jesus in their hearts and in their minds. Families are always welcome to check out the website and sign up their kids or teens with the YoungLife Leader program.

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